Vitamin B12 Shots – 1000mcg, 10ml

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Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin. Concentration: 1000mcg. (2000mcg also available) Volume: 10ml per vial. Vials are dated with production and expiry and have a shelf life of several years if stored properly.

2 vials – our minimum order size for 1000mcg vitamin B12
5 vials – qualifies for Free Shipping Social
10 vials –  most popular, 1 free vial

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Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin. Concentration: 1000mcg. Volume: 10ml per vial.

2 vials – our minimum order size for 1000mcg vitamin B12
5 vials – qualifies for Free Shipping Social
10 vials –  most popular, 1 free vial

Volume discount: every 10th vial is free.

Each ml of vitamin B12 contains:

  • 1000mcg vitamin B12
  • benzyl alcohol as a preservative 0.0144ml
  • sodium chloride for isotonicity 9mg
  • hydrochloric acid 0.00066ml to adjust the PH to between 4.5-7.0
  • sterile water for injection 1ml

Further general information on the clinical pharmacology of vitamin B12 for intramuscular injection including contraindications and precautions

Quality: VitaminBoost works only with government licensed suppliers and have independently tested our vitamin B12 for quality and safety at Mérieux NutriSciences (Silliker, Vancouver CA). Packaging may differ from what is represented on our website but we certify that the contents of our B12 is standard and true to description.


Additional information



Product Appearance

Clear red sterile solution for injection

Shelf Life

2 Years. Current expiry: February 2024

Storage Instructions

Store below 25C. Shelf life 2 years.


TP Drug Laboratories

10 reviews for Vitamin B12 Shots – 1000mcg, 10ml

  1. Valeria Scott (verified owner)

    Ive tried to order from other sources online and was sadly disappointed. So I returned to the tried and true Vitaminboost! The shipping didnt take long, the product was excellent and I was able to supplement my normal b12 shots that I get from doc which is only 2 per month. If you have PA you know thats nowhere near enough. I will forever be a returning customer!

  2. Betty

    My 86 year old brother had low iron, confusion, CHF and hospitalized several times. Dad had pernicious anemia so I knew this was what was wrong with him, no help from doctors. I gave him several b12 shots and another a week later. He is now off oxygen and feeling normal again. Thank you for your product. It saved his life.

  3. Tom

    Great service, fast shipping will buy B12 again!

  4. Paula (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product and shipping time was quick.
    I suffer eds 3 and fibromyalgia and you are saving me a substantial amount of money for something I need to use to control my fatigue.
    Definitely ordering again

  5. Rose (verified owner)

    This product is top-notch. My orders are filled promptly. I like and trust the person I deal with. …and the price… The price is so good, my pharmacist called ME and asked who I was ordering from. She confided that her customers were being charged $15.00 a milliliter! Good price, consistent availability and courteous, considerate owners. Who could ask for anything more?

  6. donna

    Very easy to deal with

  7. Rose (verified owner)

    My husband had stomach surgery and requires B12 to survive. Your product is literally saving his life. We are thankful for the low cost and impressed by the product and packaging. Thank you, B12 Direct!

  8. Joseph (verified owner)

    I purchase B12 as a reconstitution agent for my weight loss and anti-aging clients and they LOVE the added energy boost they get from the B12. Your company carries a quality product and has great service; I’m happy to have found you. Live Well – Live Long!

  9. evelyn matos

    I would purchase the b12 shot again

  10. Jeanne

    What great people to deal with – and really good communication, as well!

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