How do I get free shipping?

Vitamin Boost offers a promotion where we provide Free Shipping to customers that support us in social media or on our website. We now have two ways you can show support – using the social media buttons inside the “Looking for free shipping?” info box during checkout, or writing a short product review.

Without this support we can’t afford to offer free shipping, so it is required. We wish we could give free shipping to everyone, but we can’t. Our shipping is $10 flat rate pretty much world wide which we think is very reasonable. Our free shipping promotion is limited to European Union, North America and Australia.

Free shipping for social support – Facebook, Google+, Twitter

  1. Have an order of $45 or greater
  2. Live in a country to which we can offer free shipping
  3. When purchasing use the social media buttons highlighted on our checkout page to support us
  4. After the page reloads (give it a second) choose your thank you gift
  5. You can only use this social support once, next time Free shipping for writing a review…

 Free shipping for writing a review

  1. Be a returning customer living in a country to which we ship for free
  2. Go to the webpage of a product you have purchased from us in the past
  3. Leave a review using the same email address you used when last ordered (click on ‘reviews’ part way down any product page and leave your own at the bottom of the list, email addresses are not published)
  4. Add any items you would like to purchase to your shopping cart
  5. In checkout look for the “You supported us in social media…Thank You!” message
  6. Choose ‘free-shipping-social’ or one of the other gifts

Problems? – visit our Free Shipping Social Promotion Details Page

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